Mission - "Doing Good With Code"

GoodHax! was created with the mission of helping make life better by harnessing the power of code with a little bit of ingenuity to solve real world problems.

The goal at GoodHax! is to allow developers from all walks of life, whether they be a student just breaking into coding or seasoned professional, an opportunity to use their heart and soul, not just their brain, to tackle difficulties the world faces in our communities, nations, and even across the globe.

GoodHax! Events (aka How We Do It?)

The core belief at GoodHax! is that people are inherently ingenuitive and generally pretty good at solving problems especially under pressure. Some amazing products and services, as well as billiant solutions to everyday problems many of us face, have been imagined and often even created under pressure at hackathons.

For example: Appetas, Report Taka, Carousell, #Pragma, Bypass, TXT MD, and Sloop

In this tradition, GoodHax! continues the leveraging the powerful, creative energy of hackathons, mindful of doing so for a better good. The new hackers' legacy ...

"Doing Good With Code"

What's Next

GoodHax! is event planning and creating relationships with new sponsers, partners, and hopefully you! Please use the contact form for any inquiries at all.

Sponsers and Employers

GoodHax! is currently looking for sponsers in all areas ranging from advertising such as radio stations and print shops to technology companies that would be interested in assisting with equipment and technology solutions helping make the Goodhax mission possible. By contributing to GoodHax! efforts you are also contributing to a better planet and humanity.

Employers! Want to hire out-of-the-box thinkers with skills AND a moral compass that works? If you have job openings you would like considered for candidates please feel free to let us know! Often participants in hackathons are looking for career opportunities GoodHax! would love to pair you up!


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